In case you missed our introductory article a couple of months back, Rebecca Clements is a remarkably talented rising star from England’s south-west. Specialising in her own unique variety of folk-rock, the singer/songwriter has attracted plenty of media attention across her homeland between making her mark on the live scene and the release of a handful of truly enthralling tracks.

This week, she has returned to delight listeners by sharing the latest addition to her ever expanding discography, “Pure Wasted”. Dancing in upon some cool and energetic guitar work, this latest offering immediately grabs hold of your attention and sets itself apart from the artist’s previous work by being more animated and jazzy.

A catchy melody quickly sets in, wasting no time in stealing the spotlight as it’s brought to life via characteristically powerful vocals. Advancing at a steady pace, the atmosphere remains active and lively as the transition is made into the infectious chorus. Afterwards, the striking introductory riff makes a brief comeback to bridge the gap to the equally engrossing second verse. The passion and enthusiasm with which the piece is executed ensures that there’s never a dull moment from the opening instrumental salvo right up until the very last note of the final guitar solo.

Made up of stunning vocals and transfixing instrumentation, “Pure Wasted” is a superbly crafted soft rock composition that threads new ground while still managing to feel like a natural extension of its predecessors. It represents another giant leap forward on the road to mainstream success for Rebecca Clements, emphasizing why it is that she’s one of the most exciting and proficient new musicians around.

The new song is available now on iTunes.

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