Bristol based singer/songwriter Rebecca Clements has earned herself a reputable reputation in the world of music over the last two years or so by conquering the crowds on stage across the UK and sharing songs such as the elegantly executed “Love Child” and the captivating pop/rock piece “Pure Wasted”. Now she has returned to unleash her latest single, “Spiral”.

A volley of affecting vocals introduces the track and immediately absorbs while poignant piano keys play out peacefully in the background. It’s all extremely emotional and melodic ahead of the subtle yet sobering riff that arrives to open the first stirring stanza. The refrain remains resonant and arresting atop the tranquil instrumentation on the way forward, maintaining a mellow mood as things drift delicately in the direction of the cool and compelling chorus that comes in just past the minute mark.

The tempo tones back briefly afterwards before picking up again going into the next invigorating verse. Another expressive and stirring serenade ensues from here amid moving music, all of which washes warmly across the senses. The consistently soft yet spirited style of the singing ensures that the atmosphere stays touching through to the remarkably resonant climactic chorus.

Clements has composed an incredibly powerful folk/rock affair here that more than meets the high standard set by her previous releases. “Spiral” showcases some beautiful vocal work alongside exquisite instrumentation, resulting in a truly enthralling tune that lingers in the mind long after listening. You can experience it for yourself on iTunes now.

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