Merry metalheads Reckless Love burst back onto the scene this week with their brand new album, InVader. Recorded across summer and autumn last year, it features ten thrilling tracks for fans of the Finnish foursome to feast upon.

“We are the Weekend” gets things off to an exhilarating start with hard-hitting riffs amid an energising refrain. The irresistibly engrossing chorus electrifies with its amazing vigour and vitality, while the guitars grip through exciting solos that feel forceful yet fun. “Hands” pounds outs of its wake upon penetrating percussion before a mesmerising melody steals the spotlight and stirs as the instrumentation blows up bracingly in the background. Things stay intense as it storms towards an exhibition of riveting riffs ahead of an infectious climactic chorus.

“Monster” is given life by quirky riffs and vibrant vocals next. Its mischievous manner mixed with its endearingly dark undertone forge an enthralling tongue-in-cheek tune that leaves a lasting impression. “Child of the Sun” heads in a cooler direction when it’s done, drifting gently over airy instrumentation and soothing singing. The mellow mood of the music and melody is wonderfully relaxing before “Bullettime” bursts into invigorating guitars that zoom into a spectacularly spirited serenade. Its rapid rhythm and retro rock style result in a fantastically fiery affair that keeps compelling until its canorous conclusion.

“Scandinavian Girls” displays a playful personality as it enchants through cheery instrumentation and vivacious vocals. “Pretty Boy Swagger” packs a powerful punch afterwards, stomping off upon purposeful percussion and raucous riffs which ring out to arrest underneath sharp singing. “Rock It” follows via determined guitars and a resolute refrain. Its attitude-infused lyrics enliven across its vivifying verses and commanding choruses, fashioning a very effective anthem.

“Destiny” maintains a pressing pace as its dire instrumentation and moving melody wash chillingly through the senses. “Let’s Get Cracking (THWP)” puts the pedal to the metal then, flying frantically forward to form a festive finale. Those that buy the album on iTunes will also receive a bonus track entitled “Keep It Up All Night”, which serves as a suitably ecstatic epilogue.

InVader embodies everything that made Reckless Love’s earlier outings enjoyable, while also succeeding in feeling fresh and original. The quartet have once again combined aspects of the old-school with contemporary touches to create a compilation that sounds simultaneously nostalgic and new. This means that it should have no problem appealing to hard rock enthusiasts of all ages.

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