Red Moon Bayonets are a Dublin based 4-piece band. Formed by vocalist and guitarist Vinnie Flynn, the band is also made up of Dan Smith on lead guitar, Dave McCleery on bass and James Young on the drums. Since forming in 2013, they have gone onto release three EP’s, their self-titled debut, “The Dark West” and their current release, “A Silent Companion”which was released on May 5th.

The EP begins with “Bayonets”. It begins with a mammoth sounding bass riff that’s soon joined by a thumping bass drum and a guitar riff. It’s a moody slow paced rocker that sets the scene for the rest of the songs.

The highlight of the release is “Alive”. With it’s soaring guitar line and bouncing bass part, it has a certain twisted charm. The chorus features a guitar riff that would make Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme green with envy.

“Endure” is a welcome change of pace. It’s an acoustic track that slowly sees each instrument slowly join in. There’s some interesting interplay between instruments here.

The final song, “Our Last Breath” is lead by a heavy guitar riff. It’s a great way to end “A Silent Companion”. The track peaks with a beautifully executed guitar solo.

The only complaint that could possibly be made with Red Moon Bayonets latest release is that it lacks an uptempo track which would shake things up a bit. Regardless of that, they do what they do very well and are a must listen for fans of rock music.

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