Red Sail is a Dublin-based alternative folk duo, who describe their music as “Folky Voicy Loveliness!” – which is true, but only scratches the surface. Members Sarah McWeeney and Simon Fitzpatrick (originally from Meath and Roscommon) have beautiful and soulful voices that would bring a tear to those with even the hardest of hearts. Their unique sound has an inherent maturity that goes well beyond their years – their stunning vocal harmonies and poignant lyrics are a winning combination that creates utterly heart-rending songs.

Most recently, the duo have released a live studio video of their song ‘Nothing At All’, recorded by Tony Fitz in The Chocolate Factory, Dublin. It’s a great performance, and a great song; the melody is soothing yet powerful, and the guitar accompaniment compliments it perfectly. It’s just great indie folk – it’s rare to see a stunning live performance as well as a well-written song, but Red Sail pull it off flawlessly.

If you like this song, you should also check out their EPs Paper Cutouts and We Still Build Forts. I haven’t heard folk music this good in a long time, and it has just the slightest whisper of an Irish folk influence which is seriously refreshing.

Songs like ‘Collide’ and ‘Balcony Balloons’ have an interesting mix of McWeeney’s and Fitzpatrick’s vocals; they alternate between singing the main melody and singing harmonies, and sometimes they release a burst of pure vocal energy together in moments of high emotion – and the combination of their distinctive vocal timbres sounds astounding. It’s seriously powerful stuff.

Listening to Red Sail’s music has made me fall in love with folk music all over again – and I’m sure it will do the same thing for countless other music lovers.