‘Resolution’ is the final installment in Red Seas Fire’s ‘Mise en Scène’ EP trilogy, following 2013’s ‘Exposition’ and 2014’s ‘Confrontation’. The UK metal quartet blend djent with metalcore, attaining a sound that will appeal to fans of TesseracT and Protest the Hero.

Opening track ‘Hourglass’ is a short, fast burst of low tuned-guitars and varying screamed and sung vocals, with a synthy backdrop. Immediately sounding more coherent than on previous releases, they have succeeded here in fusing the aggressive, melodic and melancholic elements of the earlier EP’s and forging a sound of their own.

Lead single ‘Blood Bank’ continues in this vein with a sound reminiscent of UK metalcore legends Sikth. The diversity of vocalist Robin Adams is impressive here, switching effortlessly between searing melodies, screams and low growls.

There are shades of Swedish metallers Meshuggah in the early part of penultimate track ‘The Mistakes We Make’. Clocking in at just under the nine minute mark, the song takes the listener on a journey through the band’s many influences. After a quiet, melodic break, the band kicks back in with a trash metal influenced sound, before returning to the band’s trademark sound, with growled vocals, heavy low riffing and a synth backdrop.

Album closer ‘Ocean Death’ begins quietly and melodically, luring the listener into a false sense of security before unleashing an unnerving, chugging riff that sounds slightly out of time, almost certainly intentionally. The vocals remain gentle throughout, in contrast with this heavy sound, a technique mastered by Red Seas Fire throughout the EP.

Overall a more consistent affair than previous releases, Red Seas Fire have done well to shape their sound that is often simultaneously heavy and light, discordant and melodic. However there is not enough here for the band to stand out among contemporaries for me, and though I really tried to like this EP, it never truly blew me away.

All three EPs are available for free download, with donations accepted, from the band’s website www.redseasfire.com