Brother is the new single from Welsh duo Remembering August and is taken from from their EP of the same name, released last November. The band state they are influenced by the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Seger but the sound they come up with on Brother leans rather limply towards Lorde and a sappy Coldplay song.

Despite being a duet between members Jessie Hallet and Luke Searle, there’s no passion or soul that duets like these need. It favours robotically hitting the right notes instead. There are the bones of a good tune here however, and if the band can learn anything from Brother, it’s that padding out a three-minute song to over four minutes is never a good thing.

It’s unfortunate, because the pair’s previous effort Stay was a much better stab at emotional power pop. It showed Remembering August have some song-craft in their blood, and in general their vocals do blend well together. There’s no doubt the duo are decent musicians, the problem is that Brother just lacks any depth – it just doesn’t warrant a second listen. It’s another downbeat synth-pop track in a sea of downbeat synth-pop. Every band needs a miss-step to move forward from, let’s just hope this was theirs.