Lupe is back. That is the chorus that has been echoing around from Lupe Fiasco fans since the release of his fifth album Tetsuo & Youth. The album (his final to be released through Atlantic Records) was released to critical acclaim last week and it is easy to see why. It is full of deep meaning with epic verses that see Lupe at his very best lyrically creatively mixing his excellent wordplay, witty jokes and deep metaphors to create songs that carry quite a punch lyrically.

The songs don’t fall down too much on production either, with the albums production solid throughout. Lupe enjoyed great success and acclaim with his debut and sophomore efforts but after a large amount of controversy surrounding his third release “Lasers” fans had felt he had gone mainstream and lost his distinct sound (Personally I enjoyed “Lasers” though). If “Food and Liquor II” didn’t convince fans that Lupe is back to his best then “Tetsuo & Youth” will have, I’m sure.

The album contains many songs over the six-minute mark as Lupe takes every chance he gets and doesn’t hold any punches. On “Blur My Hands” sees Lupe confronting his haters and, like I said, pulling no punches.

Another highlight of the album is “Deliver”. On this track he spits about a place of real danger. Within he shows that he has lots to say about modern society and he knows how to coherently get his point across without losing his trademark wit. A deep song reminiscent of “Around My Way” from his previous album.

Overall it is hard to narrow down the high points of the album because there are so many, another personal favourite being “Mural”. Not many Lupe Fiasco fans, or indeed hip hop fans will be disappointed by Tetsuo & Youth, and it will be blared all over the world for years to come surely.