The first sight was the cover of the The Tailor Made EP, which didn’t give any hints of what to expect, but once you begin reading the titles of the four tracks, that’s when you realise this is going to be heavy. Once you begin listening it definitely will not disappoint. It’s heavy and loud and doesn’t show any signs of letting up for the entirety of all four songs.

The first song  is titled “Well Enough Alone”. This track kicks off with an awesome mix of drums, bass and guitar and right from the start you can hear and feel the hard rock/metal influence that this band has. The drums, played by Tom Gaffney, are a very dominant feature of this EP, and so they should be. They are played with such attitude and venom that you can’t help but take notice. The rumbling of the bass, played by Stephen Drennan, drags you in to this heavy world and rattles your brain, while then the distorted guitar, played by Phil O’Donovan and Maksim Janceko, has the perfect amount of crunch that it’s not too much and adds that finishing touch to the metal sound. Once the vocals come in you are completely sucked into the song and are fully engaged for some more hard rocking action. The tone the vocalist, Joseph Clearly, uses is an element of this music that makes it even more interesting. It’s almost like it gives an air of mystery to the band, you’ll understand once you hear it. Overall this was a killer track.

The last track on the EP, “Sadist”, jumps out, grabs you and won’t let go. It’s absolutely insane. That is the only word that can be used to express how kick ass this song really is. Between the head banging guitar and bass riff, the in your face drums and the intensity of the vocals you are chewed up and spit right back out. This song is the definition of hard rock; it’s loud, aggressive and full of attitude. Even the lyrics reflect the aggressive nature of this song. Despite it’s heaviness, it also has a very melodic chorus with a great feel. The breakdown in the middle of the song creates a great way to build up to a thundering final chorus. The band’s use of dynamics and speed are what make this song so addicting. This song is the highlight of the EP, and the band could not have picked a better song to finish it with.

This EP will take your breath away. It is full of everything a hard rock/metal record should be. It has loud instruments playing extremely rhythmically, head banging riffs, intense vocals and it also has amazing guitar solos. This EP is one of the ones you will not want to miss, even if you don’t usually like this genre of music, you’re going to like it. The attitude you get from this band is that they want to play, and don’t care what you think. That is what makes it so great. I’m going to give it four and a half stars out of five because that’s what it deserves. When you listen to this EP, be ready to get sucked into a world of metal like never before.


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