Rhawn B is an up and coming rapper who is part of the collective Uniquely Divided from Inglewood, California. Working as a producer, artist, engineer and entrepreneur, Rhawn has enjoyed a decent amount of success performing in well-known L.A venues such as Roxy, Viper Room and Club Nokia as well as being the opening act for The Pharcyde and the Dogg Pound. His new record, “Expensive Ignorance” was released on July 1st.

The title track kicks things off. Rhawn takes influence from the west coast sound that was popularised by legends such as Dr. Dre and Ice Cube, but his sound is much more rooted in trap music with it’s huge synth sounds. While it’s a good song I feel it lacks some sort of spark that would really kick things off with a bang.

“Status Booming”, the third track, has a bit more energy. The spooky vibe and aggressive lyrics are more memorable than the first two tracks. It’s also worth mentioning that this album is really well produced, with fat synths, clear hooks and crisp vocals that are mixed together in a really satisfying way.

“Just Get To It” is, sonically, one of the busiest songs on the album and as a result it’s probably one of the most energetic songs, giving things a much-needed energy boost at the halfway mark. The following song, “See It, Want It”, is slightly less energetic but it’s one of the better songs on the album. The spacey hook and hard hitting beat make a great combination and the lyrics, which focus on Rhawn’s work ethic and aspirations are much more relatable in comparison to other songs on the album.

“Expensive Ignorance” returns to the style of earlier songs, though the 80’s sounding keyboards make things a bit more interesting. It’s definitely more memorable than the first few songs, but I feel this was a step in the wrong direction after the previous two tracks. Despite this, “Aligned” gets things back on track, the futuristic sounds on this song are great and Rhawn provides an energetic performance that’s supported by a guest spot from T. Bailey.

“Vibe Right” is good, but the song is ruined by the sexist lyrics, which are reminiscent of “I’m In It” from Kanye West’s “Yeezus”. It’s a shame, but Rhawn isn’t the first (and probably not the last) rapper to have misogynistic messages in his music. “ Perfect Potion” brings things to a close though it’s similar to the first half of the album in that it’s missing that special something to give it long lasting appeal.

“Expensive Ignorance” isn’t a bad album, it’s very well produced and it has some great moments, but I think Rhawn B needs to try to create a more energetic and unique sound in order to stand out in the crowded world of rap music.

Rhawn B: Expensive Ignorance album review
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