English alt-rockers Righteous Reprobates have been busy since the release of their debut single “My Psychosis” in December. Having spent the past few months winning audiences over at venues such as Tunbridge Wells Forum and Roadtrip & The Workshop, they’ve gradually been making their mark on London’s local live scene.

On top of that, they’ve also been wrapped up in writing and recording their debut album at England’s iconic Abbey Road Studios alongside Grammy Award-winning producer Sean Magee. To fill the void until the finished record arrives, the quartet are planning to put out a new track entitled “We Go with What We Know” on April 15th.

It starts silently before bursting into an arresting riff, the tone of which is cheeky as it trucks towards the quirky crooning of the opening verse. The rhythm is retrained yet rousing as the music and melody stomp steadily forward, exciting with their intensity. The buoyant but biting beat helps make it all the absorbing ahead of a slick and sonorous chorus in the second minute.

A bridge of gripping guitars leads to the equally engrossing second stanza, after which everything tones back for a laid-back but bracing breakdown. It’s not long before the instrumentation begins to build again, riveting underneath a volley of vigorous vocals on the way to a feisty finish.

Righteous Reprobates have produced another impactful anthem that does a good job of combining elements of Britpop with mannerisms of mainstream rock. Its enthralling tune and delightfully disaffected demeanour once again demonstrate that this is a band with plenty of potential.


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