It hasn’t been a good decade, arguably longer whatever your stance on Stardust is, to be a Robert De Niro fan as the man seems hellbent on destroying his legacy with bad release after bad release. So much so that even the mention of the word ‘Grandpa’ in the title, has longtime fans of the acclaimed actor cringing at what may lie in store, especially with the stench of the god awful Dirty Grandpa still lingering in the air.

Scathing remarks aside, The War With Grandpa is being brought to the big screen by producer duo Matt Ember and Tom Astle adapting the novel of the same name by renowned author Robert Kimmel Smith. The movie will follow the mounting tensions between a young boy and his grandfather, when in the aftermath of his grandmothers passing finds his grandfather moving into the cherished sanctuary of his bedroom and chaos ensues. By the sounds of it, this will be very much in the Home Alone style, with the roles reversed or possibly more evenly matched.

Director Tim Hill has long been known for his box office successful family friendly slapstick comedies, although the presence of Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas in the directors CV would probably be better hushed up. In the mean time, De Niro is set to join up with messrs Pacino and Scorsese in the upcoming The Irishman, which has seemingly fallen on hard times as Joe Pesci has left the troubled project.

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