Rock Masters Band are a rock band from Helsinki-based around an interesting concept; the group features a constantly rotating lineup. According to the band, this is done in order to keep things sounding fresh and to see what different musicians can bring to the table. The group have a heavy rock sound like Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club though they do have a bit more of a classic feel to them. Their most recent release was a double single, with the tracks being called “Shooting Star” and “Rock n’ Roll Saves Souls” and it was released on June 7th.

“Shooting Star” opens with a crunchy guitar riff and pounding drums. Vocalist Sami Hakala has the snarl of a rockstar and the lyrics to boot, with gems such as “I got a lot of evil in me/and that evil in me is gonna set me free”. The chorus features singalong vocals and a cool guitar part played on slide guitar. There is a guitar solo that’s well played but I can’t shake the feeling that that particular section of the song could use a bit more energy to kick things up a notch.

“Rock n’ Roll Saves Souls” is the second track. This song has a bit more of a blues rock feel. There’s a definite Rolling Stones influence here, which is certainly not something to be ashamed off. Throughout the song, there are plenty of tasty guitar leads and harmonica licks while the rhythm section keeps things locked down.

All in all, Rock Masters Band have done exactly what their name suggests they do in releasing two good old fashion rock songs. This is definitely a band worth checking out if you like classic rock.

Rock Masters Band - Shooting Star/Rock n' Roll's Good for the Soul
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