Galway rockers Rofi James started out singing on Shop Street before embarking on a quest to conquer the crowds at some of the city’s most illustrious live venues. Since then, they’ve come out on top at a number of competitions across the country, as well as serving as support for the likes of Ham Sandwich, The Amazing Apples and Mundy.

Following the launch of their critically acclaimed inaugural EP at a sold-out show in Monroe’s in April of 2014, the proficient foursome returned to the studio to record more material while continuing to impress the public on stage around their home county. Now they’re getting ready to light up The Loft on November 19th for the launch of their latest single, “Fool for Your Love”.

It begins by bursting into a barrage of buoyant riffs and percussion which gives rise to a riveting rhythm ahead of the friendly yet forceful refrain of the first verse. The pace remains pressing as it all races rousingly towards a thrilling chorus that oozes oodles of intensity throughout the intoxicating second minute.

Another slick and stirring stanza takes over afterwards, engrossing with its vigorous vocals and graceful guitars until the whole thing transitions into a laid-back but enlivening breakdown about three quarters of the way through. This is succeeded by a suitably speedy and exciting climax that ensures the anthem ends as energetically as it opened.

Rofi James have put together a powerful pop/rock piece here that’s easily as adept as anything you’re likely to encounter on the radio. Its compelling melodies combine with its accomplished musical motifs to create a universally accessible song that’s ideally suited to succeeding in the mainstream.


Rofi James: Fool for Your Love
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