‘Fallen’ is the debut EP by Dublin-based electronic artist Leo Pearson’s current solo project Romin. Pearson is a musician and producer with a star-studded resumé, having worked on releases by the likes of U2, Christy Moore and Elvis Costello. Written, produced, recorded and mixed by Pearson, ‘Fallen’ sees him in the spotlight on a mature, laid back yet oftentimes dark release.

Opening track ‘Wasted’ utilises cleverly overlaid vocals, both blending with the song’s rhythm and harmonising with Pearson’s solemn lead vocals. The line ‘Gone are the days that I wasted on you’ is repeated almost throughout, and used as a kind of rhythmic instrument. The vocal style calls to mind Trent Reznor on some of Nine Inch Nail’s quieter more melancholic offerings.

‘Fallen’ comes across to me as a more intelligent, slowed-down version of the type of dance song that’s topped our charts over the past several years; a mature songwriter’s take on a party anthem, of sorts. Pearson’s low-key vocals are here accompanied by a very subtle backing vocal. The song wasn’t immediately arresting, but admittedly after a few listens it did begin to grow on me.

‘Ropeburn’ is the highlight of the EP for me. It opens with a heavily percussive and bass-centric sound, similar to the likes of Gary Numan and again Nine Inch Nails. Pearson’s vocal are low almost whispers, sounding suitably menacing on this track. The descending vocal in the chorus announces the arrival of a horn section and electric guitar. It’s the most multi-faceted track on offer and all of these elements blend perfectly together to make a very enjoyable song.

The track ‘Breathe’ closes the EP in a stylish manner. Yearning vocals and a slow tempo create a bleak mood, added to later by a disorientingly detuned synth sound. Pearson beckons ‘I could be your saving grace’ over the conclusion to the song, again with subtle backing vocals, completing the overall dark sound on this track.

‘Fallen’ demonstrates the artist’s wide array of influences and displays a perfectionism and attention to detail learned only with years of experience. This would be a great EP to listen to whilst winding down in the small hours before bedtime, or at a laid back, intimate gathering. I hope to hear more from Romin in the near future, and look forward to keeping a close eye on the career of mastermind Leo Pearson.

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