Beginning her career as a singer/songwriter in 2007, Roseanna Ball has previously produced four albums under the name Roholio but for her fifth album ‘Geography’ she takes the stage under her full name. ‘Geography’ is Roseanna’s first solo album featuring melodic harmonies and a variety of instruments including guitar, mandolin and banjo. Roseanna’s effortless vocals and the overlaying of different harmonies are a defining characteristic of her music and coupled with her mastery of guitar, mandolin and banjo, the album comes together neatly.

From the first track ‘Mexican Girl’ we are engrossed in Roseanna’s melodic, harmonious world and the instruments she uses. One of the first bands that came to mind as I listened to her album was ‘Rusted Root’ and their hit song ‘Send Me On My Way’. One of the reasons for this was the combination of instrument, vocals and melody which create an infectious sound whilst demonstrating a variety of talents.

One of my favourite tracks on her album, ‘Widemouth Bay’, demonstrates Roseanna’s finger-picking style beautifully throughout and the vocals vary from soft verses to the full harmonized chorus and back again. The titular track ‘Geography’ offers the listener something different to the other tracks on the album featuring very fast-paced vocals and a fluctuating melody in the verse. This track also features the distinguishing sound of the banjo. The romantic, slow but sweet tune on this album is ‘I’ll Stay’.

Roseanna’s musical influences include Tori Amos and Johnny Cash which is clear in her distinctive marriage of vocals and guitar. The album ‘Geography’ offers the listener a rewarding experience of lyrics, vocals, harmonies and skilful command of guitar, banjo and mandolin. Not one to be missed, Roseanna Ball captivates and impresses with her solo album ‘Geography’.

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