A lot of people have pegged Ruth as one of Irish music’s next big things – us included, with a nomination for the Pure M Awards 2016’s Best Newcomer category. She’s an exciting prospect, in more way than one.

I’m a sucker for anyone with a classical background, and classical in general: I’ll take Cho.Pi.N over Will.I.Am any day. I believe you can learn a lot about composition, depth, and developing an ear from the classics, and obviously, I’m not alone; just ask Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood, or Ozzy Osbourne’s long-time partner in crime, Zakk Wylde, and believe me, the list could go on. Naturally, when I got this tidbit of information about Ruth, you could say I was enthusiastic.

That’s what brought me to ‘Who Are You Living For?’, a song for which the second Visual has just been released. It’s got a quality that’s not quite of this world – a dreamy pop with a discernibly folk edge, but you don’t have to look to deeply to pluck out the classical influences. Just the mere fact that it’s as much a soundscape as a pop tune is telling, with a backing track that would almost require a gloriole if you were to put it into a physical product.

In recognition of her first sold out headline gig, Ruth, with the help of Deborah Sheedy, put together a video to premiere at the show. The result is the second visual accompaniment for ‘Who Are You Living For?’

Ruth left this much in the video description,

“The gig was an unforgettable evening for my band and I, and I wanted to take that opportunity to give something back to all of the people who have been coming to my gigs over the past year. I hope that you enjoy it!”


The visualitself is a series of vignettes, opening with blurred shots of lovers in the woods, intercut with anything from grand romantic scenes from times past, nature, or shots of Ruth herself. As an accompaniment to the music, it channels the spirit of the song nicely. I especially like the extended electronic introduction in this version.

The original video for the track can be found here and you can track down Ruth on The Good Book.