Ryan Sheridan the acclaimed singer songwriter from County Monahan has a new album coming out soon in Ireland on Friday 28th August. The album ‘Here And Now’ was recorded in Ireland and Germany, and is the follow up to his Irish platinum selling debut ‘The Day You Live Forever’. Hearsay is a track being released to garner attention for Sheridan’s impending return and it brings promise of great potential.

Hearsay continues on the trend of Ryan Sheridan abilities as a man capable of crafting uplifting material that follows a simplistic rhythm one cannot help but feel compelled to move along with. The message in the song is clear and positive encouraging the listener to ignore “cheap talk” and move on with their own lives towards their own goals and ideals.

A noticeable criticism of Hearsay is the fact that Sheridan while being a gifted musician and vocalist is somewhat over powered by the overly produced track which takes away from the natural talent he has showcased elsewhere on previous work. But this observation may well be overlooked simply due to the song being impressively catchy and tremendously joyful.

Hearsay by Ryan Sheridan is an upbeat, bright and euphoric pop song almost certainly generated to gain commercial success yet Sheridan will no doubt have more surprises in store when his new album is finally released.

Ryan Sheridan - Hearsay (Single Review)

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