Sages is the musical experiment of Racquel Hardy, a young unsigned musician from Ontario Canada. She recently released a new track “Doldrums”.

The song kicks off with a nice synth melody and a glitchy sounding drum beat and is soon followed by a hypnotic bass line. The vocals are drenched in reverb to the point where they are difficult to make out and although this is something that is sometimes frowned upon, it really lends itself to the overall style and feel of the track, giving it a beautiful, haunting vibe. Halfway through the track it’s stripped to the point where the vocals are made clear. It’s a great moment of clarity and it really breaks up the track up in a good way. As it comes to a close, everything slowly quietens and the reverb increases. It almost feels as if the song floats away.

Overall, “Doldrums” is a really well executed and interesting song. Sages is definitely an artist to keep an eye on. It will be really interesting to hear where she takes her sound with time.


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