In Crowd fans everywhere have been anxiously awaiting a new record ever since Tay started teasing “Technicolor” online last September and now, nine months, two spectacularly colourful singles and a whole lot of hype building later, Sainte’s long-awaited debut EP has finally been unleashed upon the digital market and oh boy, was it ever worth the wait! Entitled Smile, and Wave, the dazzlingly dynamic seven track endeavour is every bit as vibrant and vivifying as one would expect based on the two terrifically chirpy tunes that preceded it.

Brand new single “Eyes Are Open” gets things off to an insanely invigorating start, diving right into a remarkably moving verse full of fantastically affecting vocals and tremendously chilling instrumentation before it all erupts into an indescribably exhilarating chorus towards the end of the opening minute. The music and melody remain magnificently uplifting as they glide gracefully in the direction of the stupendously passionate singing and inescapably engrossing electronics that make up the aforementioned “Technicolor”.

“With or Without Me” is another irresistibly arresting amalgam of pop, rock and electro afterwards, showcasing a superbly spirited synthesis of delightfully defiant lyrics and friendly but feisty music on the way to the wonderfully rousing instrumental introduction of “Feels So Wrong”. A collection of captivatingly canorous stanzas and hypnotically heartfelt choruses follows from here, giving rise to an enticingly stringent offering ahead of the extraordinarily touching refrain and enthrallingly tranquil musical motifs that bring “Lighthouse” to life.

“White Lies” is a breathtakingly bracing addition next, the absorbingly speedy stanzas and astonishingly electrifying choruses of which will make you want to jump up and dance along like a maniac as it flies fervently forward. “If You Ever Feel Alone” enlivens again in its wake, enchanting with its reassuring serenades while the music maintains a riveting rhythm in the background. The outcome is an incredibly elevating anthem that brings the record to an appropriately vivacious finish.

Sainte have spawned an assortment of exceedingly entrancing electro pop/rock songs here, the execution of which is as astoundingly innovative and singular as it is energising. Tay’s stunningly expressive vocal work mixed with her marvellously meaningful lyrics and Mike and Cameron’s exceptionally stirring instrumentation makes for a truly inspiring listening experience. Scroll down to investigate the new video for “Eyes Are Open” now and as soon as you’re done, be sure to head straight over to iTunes to download a copy of Smile, and Wave for yourself. I guarantee your life will be immediately enhanced if you do!

Sainte: Smile, and Wave EP review

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