Sandy Mary is a rock ‘n’ roll trio from Castleblayney in Co. Monaghan. Forgoing modern recording techniques for a more back-to-basics approach, the lads recorded their debut single ‘Green n’ Blues’ on an old four-track recorder in a bid to emulate the sound of their influences. The resultant track is a straightforward and fun blues-rock affair.

Sounding like a cross between early Beatles and the Yardbirds, Sandy Mary do a good job of replicating the music of the sixties. Even the lyrics here transport you back in time with the vocalist insisting that his new love “appreciates my groove.” Clocking in at just under the three and a half minute mark, ‘Green n’ Blues’ is a catchy, well-structured track that will hold your attention throughout. The guitar solo is impressive and the vocalist really sells the sixties vibe.

While I appreciate the band’s DIY approach and old-school recording method, the sound quality could definitely use improvement on future tracks. This being their first recording it could well just be a case of the guys needing more experience with levels and mixing. As they said themselves “It ain’t perfect, it’s not meant to be.’

A promising introduction, ‘Green n’ Blues’ is good fun and very energetic. Sandy Mary have a style not only influenced by music of the sixties, but that actually sounds like it was recorded back then. With more practice recording and playing more live shows, I feel they will grow into a very charismatic and entertaining band.

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