The first few bars in Scarlett Lee’s “In Your Eyes” sound like those of a veteran. The arrangement is simple and catchy, and her voice is strong yet smooth. As the song goes on, however, chords, verses and rhymes start to repeat themselves and we realise this is just a débutant 17-years-old artist.

Her age is not the issue here for she’s only starting her career and there’s no wrong way to learn. In order to be subversive, and therefore an untimely singer-songwriter, one must first understand and dominate the basics of their art. Scarlett’s natural gift is her voice; all the rest can be trained.

The lyrics, for example. In the song they’re still really basic. They reflect, though, a very common problem among adolescents (“you love her and not me”), and for that they should be praised. Scarlett just can’t expect this single to be her first breakthrough because most people who’ll review it are long past this phase of their lives.

As for the musical instrumentation there isn’t much to say. Literally: the song follows a 4-chord pattern in its entirety and sounds flawless because it’s played by a computer, not humans. Nothing wrong with that, of course, especially in a first commercial attempt, but a voice so powerful like Scarlett’s will eventually need more soul to accompany it.

Judging a 17-years-old’s start in the music industry — with an original song, no less — is a tough job. She is still looking for her artistic voice and, thus, external forces have major influences on her work. Any considerations about her future now will sound like a hasty evaluation.

That being said, with the right guidance and a bit of hard work Scarlett Lee has an obvious potential to go far in her career. She’s got the willpower and a foundation to her work has been built. All she needs now is to keep practising.