Dogging, swinging and singing; that’s how Screaming Giants describe their perfect night. Listening to the dirty grooves on Found Footage, I’d well believe it. The self- proclaimed ‘Drop D groove engineers’ formed in Dublin in 2013 and this is their first EP.

The influence of Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age is all over this record, particularly on opening track ‘Throb’. It’s a great stoner rock tune with twangy, lazy lead guitar, and a Josh Homme style vocal over slow, doomy, titanic riffing. It’s desert rock from the city where it never stops raining. There are a couple of good stoner bands coming out of Dublin recently. It would be great to see a themed night with Screaming Giants and the likes of Slouch together.

‘Burning Black’ begins with a descending riff intro that flips over and becomes a Soundgarden tune. ‘Shotgun Sexy’ has a completely different sound. So different that it could be another band. There are three vocalists listed in the band so the disparity could be down to a different songwriter from the rest of the songs.

It’s a ZZ Top style southern rock tune with a Blue Oyster Cult chorus and a vocal like a cross between Jimi Hendrix and the Misfits’ Michale Graves. Directly or indirectly, there is a noticeable Misfits influence on Found Footage. It’s there in the vocal style, the Hammer horror tone of the tunes and even the song titles.

‘Nightmare’ starts out with an elongated single-string riff before the muscular chorus in the vein of Josh Homme. It breaks down after the second chorus and the tempo slows to a crawl for a bluesy solo.

‘No More’ is based around a chain-gang chant complete with handclaps. The guitars and drums join in the deathly dirge culminating in an anguished howl of defiance. Together with ‘Nightmare’ and ‘Burning Black’, ‘No More’ completes a trio of horror infused tunes.

The production is basic but efficient; perfectly suited to this type of music. Screaming Giants are still finding their voice. The five tracks are disparate in tone and lack cohesion. They sound like they have recorded at different sessions. ‘Shotgun Sexy’ sounds like it was recorded by another band altogether.

Nevertheless there are more good tracks on here than most bands manage on a whole album and there is enough grinding riffage and ingenuity on Found Footage to promise greater things from future ventures.