Seanie Vaughan is a rock musician from Clifden, Co. Galway who has just released his impressive new album Redemption. Released earlier this month, Redemption has a mix of Classic Rock, Folk and Indie Rock with more of an edgier sound than his previous record Altered Vision. Redemption has everything you could want – the epic rock sound with rich melodies and powerful hooks to the soulful ballads that tickle the heart. Vaughan writes about different themes including love, societal values and his own experience of the music industry.

The opening track ‘I Fall Down’ leads in with a simple acoustic guitar chord repetition that builds up layer by layer to the rich and harmonious chorus. With beautiful piano and keyboards joining the mix towards the second half of the track, ‘I Fall Down’ has us singing along and swaying in our seats. It is ideal as the opening song because it demonstrates the intricacy and variety on the record along with Vaughan’s vocal strengths.

Sounding somewhat similar to Eddie Vedder, lead vocalist of Pearl Jam, Vaughan’s voice has the same earthy tone and can be gravelly when needs to be but also soft and with a pleasant quality to it. The arrangement of each song and the variety on the album shows what Vaughan has to offer – a balance of creativity, skill and range.

Another favourite track from the album has to be ‘Culture’ which boasts a catchy chorus and infectious guitar riff that ebbs and swells in all the right places. It’s the type of song that makes you want to whip your hair back and forth as you stand on top of a mountain with your guitar.

Redemption is an album that packs a punch and ticks all the boxes. Seanie Vaughan is one of the best artists on the scene at the moment and en route to becoming an integral part of Irish rock.

Seanie Vaughan’s album Redemption is out now and available in all record stores nationwide and also on iTunes.

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Listen to ‘Culture’ from the album Redemption below