The seeds of alt-pop ensemble SeaWitches were first sewn when musicians Jo Herring and Laura Caldwell were introduced to each other through mutual friends back in 2007. Discovering a shared love of composing, the pair soon began to write songs together, heralding the beginning of a long and fruitful working relationship.

Soon after joining forces with Tilo Pinbaum in 2012, the artists took to the studio to record their first EP, Spacegun. Already a regular presence on the live scene in their hometown of Liverpool, the critical success of their debut release allowed the band to further expand their following by playing shows in other cities around the UK, including the nation’s capital. With the addition of Jamie Jenkin completing their lineup in 2014, the foursome are now anxious to make themselves known to an even wider audience.

The latest step in this endeavour was the release of new single “Stars” on February 16th. Running head first into a light and airy riff, the track immediately establishes an absorbing ambience and fast pace. Its purposeful melody is brought to life by wonderfully smooth vocals during the verse ahead of the resonant chorus. There are plenty of musical elements at play that ensure the piece remains animated and exciting throughout. It all amounts to a relaxing sound that’s easy on the ears.

Clocking in at two minutes and twenty seconds, this may be a relatively short offering but it’s very affective. The radio friendly style and accessible execution are sure to go a long way in helping SeaWitches achieve their goal of reaching a broader assembly of listeners the world over.

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