Semantics – ‘Games’ Single Review

Semantics – ‘Games’ Single Review

The Post-Punk/Indie rock band from Birmingham’s debut track begins with a catchy understated bass line that allows Rob Lilley’s distinctively deep vocals to enter seamlessly. Drums sync with the bass and compliment the remaining instrumental contingent well. Vocally, the song emits a mature sound that gives the impression of a band that has been together longer than the 7 months Semantics have existed.

The best part of Games is arguably the chorus, but it suffers in the sense that still slightly fails to differentiate itself from the rest of the track. This may sound like a contradiction, but it is simply because the solid nature of the chorus is almost matched by the intensity of the song as a whole. While this makes for an enjoyable listen, it results in the necessity of several listens before a more discernible structure can be ascertained.

The guitar instrumental midway through the song utilizes a subtle effect that builds to another strong chorus and the song begins to come into it’s own in the second half. The energy that appears to be pent up begins to be unleashed and we hear a very confident side to the band.

Deep, harmonious tones are maintained throughout the track and fans of Editors may draw comparisons – perhaps superficially – due to the similar vocal sound, but Semantics have their own unique twist added, particularly to their guitar and bass riffs.

As a debut track, this is very promising and while it may not be one that you’ll be singing to yourself after one listen, Games has many strong points and is a solid start to the band’s career.