Luca Bandini (Vocals) and Alessandra Gismondi (synth and drums) are an Italian duo that go by the stage name Shad Shadows, with a clear penchant for the darker side of music, their sound could be best described as industrial, gloomy, and jarring. Their use of deliberate deadpan vocals and repetitive droning beats breathes an air of pretension, however, the clear influence from 80’s and 90’s electronica saves them, at times.

Their album ‘Spectrum’ opens up with a track named ‘Down’, perhaps suggesting that it’s all ‘down’ hill from here, the dark and downright miserable sound in this track feels as though it’s the music from a Talk to Frank ad. ‘Gimme Pain’ is the second track on ‘Spectrum’ and give me pain it did, the song feels like a parody of industrial underground music. The unnecessary repetitive dull nature is mind numbing to say the least. ‘Minor Blues’ is duo’s release from this album, the song is instantly forgettable, if the song was a colour, it would be magnolia. ‘Dreaming Over’ is track number four from this Italian duo and it is indistinguishable from the rest of the collection of car crash songs on this EP.
‘Cosmic’ is the fifth track on the album, if your the type of person that enjoy’s three solid minutes of incomprehensible wailing coupled with an irritating car alarm beat then this my friend, is the song for you. ‘Moan Rivers’ is the final track on the album, it is one of those song’s you would imagine to hear if you found yourself in a Berlin squat, in the 90’s, sniffing glue.

Perhaps Shad Shadows have sought to deconstruct the preconceived ideals of what we have been conditioned to think of as good music. So, perhaps, in the name of art, Shad Shadows decided to produce an album that was the antithesis to what even the most obscure subcultures would see as good music. If that was there plan, then give these guys a grammy! However, despite their music’s problems, I’d like this duo to prove me wrong and enjoy success at some point down the line. There sound is very niche, they might even flourish in the deep underground music scene.