If there is a soundtrack list of movies filmed with an Super-8-Camera, it can now officially be extended with the Shaker Hymn’s new single ‘Baltic Heart’. It is a timeless moment from their second album ‘Do You Think You’re Clever’. Soft and gentle the song washes round the listener’s ear canals and guides them out of the foggy view of an obscured mind, right into a moment of absolute clarity.

The song tells the story about a breakup and the coherent exhaustion of a loving person. He is lost, tired and chokes almost from the efforts he takes in maintaining the relationship. However, despite all his struggles, the final result is a depressing one: “Here goes nothing”. A message of serious matters, carried, though, with a strangely-comforting easiness in his voice. One undergoes the heaviness of a shattered love without getting overwhelmed by a pompous war of roses.

Even though this track brings some elements from the Indie Genre with it, the Shaker Hymn’s music style is not easy to categorize. ‘Baltic Heart’ is actually one of the easiest sound to follow with from the album. The four band members were not inspired by their own home country. 2012, they traveled to the USA, collected ideas, got new impressions which finally define their personality. In Do You Think You’re Clever? The Shaker Hymn show courage and their experimental side. This side, however, is not reflected in ‘Baltic Heart’.

Nevertheless, or maybe even because of that, this song represents the sugary, soft core of the album. It shows The Shaker Hymn’s sensitivity without breaking the borders to any kind of exaggeration. ‘Baltic Heart’ makes you float with devotion, emotion and embodies a high amount of musical talent at the same time.

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The Shaker Hymn - Baltic Heart