New up and coming music producer and songwriter Shay D recently released his first EP single “One Life To Live”, the former music producer begins his journey on the road to becoming a solo artist with this new hot track that is sure to turn heads. Mr. D has produced music for several artists such as Jackson Cage, Decklan McKenna, Edelle McMahon among many others and has recently decided to start creating music of his own as he joins the music industry as a solo artist with hopes of making a name for himself while this track becomes a scorching summer hit.

The Derry born rapper is new to the music scene and is hoping to pursue a career as a solo artist in the music industry. Shay D might often be associated with a similar sound to other artists such as Coldplay and The Original Rudeboys.

The single “One Life To Live” was released a few weeks ago and is already creating some buzz as a possible summer hit with its killer sound that you don’t want to miss. The track features inspirational lyrics, a wicked beat and vocal accompaniment from WisDumb and Epic Record. Shay says that we need to be more positive and think of ways around the obstacles because no matter what all of our problems are solvable, this song represents a beacon of hope for the next generation therefore it is sure to make music history.

The thing that I like about Mr. D is that although he sounds like other artists such as the ones listed above is that he still manages to maintain his own unique sound while portraying an important message in his music, he is the voice of reason and a very talented artist with a great debut track.

Written by Ciara Walsh

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