Following a fateful meeting at the 2010 Worcester Music Festival, English artists Anna Mason and Sean Jeffery decided to join forces to form an acoustic duo called Hitchhiker. As time went by, their passion project eventually evolved into a full-blown ensemble and with the recruitment of bassist Craig Hammond and drummer Dunstan Power in 2013, British rock band By the Shore was born.

The last few months have seen the quartet lighting up venues across the UK, mesmerising the masses with material taken from their engrossing new album, Down. The dynamic ten track record dives right into the riveting riffs of “Chemistry”, which maintain a rapid rhythm underneath an enthusiastic refrain on the way forward. It serves as a spirited introduction ahead of the sombre serenade of “Comparatively”. This foreboding affair strolls solemnly across glum guitars and emotional vocals, staying soft and sobering from start to finish.

“Angel” is a tranquil addition afterwards that exhibits a much lighter demeanour, while “Earthbound” heads back in a heavier direction, gripping with its invigorating guitars and urgent singing. “Veronica” remains energetic in its wake, showcasing friendly but forceful riffs amid an immersive melody. “Symbiotic” tones things down when it’s done, enthralling through its thoughtful instrumentation and contemplative crooning.

“Sticking Plaster” displays a pensive personality next as a high-pitched harmony haunts alongside ominous music. “Oblivious” is a fast and fervent effort then that runs rousingly towards the thrilling instrumentation of “Streets So Blind”. This is succeeded by the equally upbeat “How Can I Tell You?”, which manages to bring the compilation to a colourful conclusion.

By the Shore have forged a delightfully diverse and endearing assortment of pop/rock tunes during which there’s never a dull moment. The wonderfully warm and welcoming sound exhibited by each song is sure win over a wide audience. Have a listen for yourself on Bandcamp now.

By the Shore: Down
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