Silent Interlude

Silent Interlude – Fate or Faith EP review

Despite only forming in late 2014 and having but a handful of gigs under their belts, Dublin based ambient ensemble Silent Interlude have been making quite an impact lately. Hot off the heels of their EP launch in Whelan’s, the quartet managed to emerge victorious from the King Kong Club’s semi-final event at The Mercantile on June 3rd. Considering this won them stage time at this year’s Electric Picnic festival, it seems safe to assume that there are plenty of good times on the horizon for these guys in the near future.

On top of all this, the band are currently neck deep in the promotional campaign for their debut record, Fate or Faith. Building anticipation for its release by sharing a new song every Tuesday last month, the five track compilation finally dropped in its entirety with its aforementioned inaugurate show on May 30th.

As it ventures into the aptly titled “Intro”, a dire riff endures during background guitars that build beside persistent piano keys and percussion. Growing constantly, an urgent ambience emerges before an eruption into a tumult of frantic instrumentation about halfway through. It gets the proceedings off to a delightfully dramatic start.

“Holding Game” begins light and cheerful in its wake, ahead of solemn and serene vocals. A steady drum beat keeps things enthusiastic alongside gentle guitars. It all ends up feeling like a fine fusion of folk and rock as it reaches an exciting climax. “Dead Weight” follows with a haunting harmony that reverberates across reserved riffs. A serious and stirring sound ensues as the piece paces forward and eventually arrives at an intense instrumental exhibition which finishes it up in a rather theatrical manner.

“The Sound” is much more relaxed afterwards, featuring reserved guitars and percussion that play out behind forlorn vocals. It turns out to be an emotional and affecting entry with another epic and enthralling ending. “Midnight Eyes” comes as a restrained but riveting successor, whose brisk pace and mesmerising melody quickly draws you in. Remaining very active in spite of its soft style, its vocals display a lot of spirt while its instrumentation increases in tempo as it develops, ensuring that it serves as a forceful finale.

Silent Interlude have crafted quite a thrilling body of work here. Its cinematic scope, accomplished execution and diverse range of moods mean that it makes for a consistently captivating listening experience.