Sirens is the new single from four piece Limerick alternative/synth group, Silent Noise Parade’s, forthcoming album. Since the release of their critically acclaimed album in 2013, life has been sweet for the guys. They supported The Heathers and The Riptide movement on recent tours, nationwide air play of the epic tunes Fears and In the Garden, use of said song Fears for promotional videos by Sky Sports, Scandinavian TV and RTE and to top it off a performance at Irelands favourite festival The Electric Picnic!

Sirens is quite the departure from the previous sound of Silent Noise Parade. The band describes their style as “dark lyrical themes wrapped with lively upbeat tunes splashed across a morose and melancholic backdrop”. Sirens has the dark lyrical themes with the melancholic backdrop but the song, which starts off slow and down tempo pretty much continues like this throughout. The lead singer has haunting tone to carry it through and after the first listen I found myself compelled to stick it on again for another go. I even went on the search for any upcoming gigs they might be doing.

Sirens is a fine single overall. It has a nice chilled vibe and with summer around the corner I could definitely envisage myself soaking up the rays at a festival or beer garden, mojito in hand, with this tune as an essential part of my soundtrack. I don’t think I would stick it on to get a party started but for a come down Sunday or chilling in the sun with a beverage with some mates, it would be perfect. A good teaser track which left me looking forward to the rest of the album.