Mexican composer Carla Sariñana spent ten years turning heads on the Middle American music scene as a member of accomplished classic rock act Ruido Rosa before relocating to Los Angeles and deciding to reinvent herself as Silver Rose in the summer of 2015. Branching out into the genre of shoegaze, she spent several months mesmerising the masses on the Southern Californian live scene before turning her attention towards recording new material in early 2016. This led to the creation of her engrossing eponymous inaugural EP, which does a dexterous job of blending English and Spanish vocals while showcasing some superbly stirring instrumental work.

The remarkably resonant riffs and refrain of “Sueños de Amor” get the fantastically fervent six track record off to a rousing start, invigorating with their vitality as they pace passionately towards the equally enlivening music and melody of “Noches”. This is succeeded by the delightfully distorted guitars that introduce “Take Me Home” ahead of its laid-back but bracing first verse. A combination of captivatingly clamorous choruses and enticingly slick stanzas bridges the gap from here to the thunderous singing and portentous instrumentation that bring “I’m Alright” to life. “Crimen” veers in a mellower direction next, giving rise to a comparatively poignant ambience before “Where I Left My Heart” glides in to guide things to a thoughtful terminus.

Silver Rose has spawned an accessible synthesis of shoegaze, rock and dreampop here that breaks down language barriers and stays consistently spirited from start to finish. Its wonderfully reverberant vocals coupled with its enthrallingly rambunctious instrumentation should win over a wide audience.

Silver Rose

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