By Ray Adair

Simple Plan are back! After a three year wait, they’ve released their new track “Saturday” as of June 22nd. This come back track shows the band have a whole new plan, shifting completely away from their original emo/pop-punk roots, they’ve delved straight into a very poppy new sound – they even look like a boyband. Having shed their guyliner and grungy garb, the boys have culminated a clean new bright look, and clean radio-pop sound to match.

“Saturday” features cheerleader chants of the track name and boasts of nights out drinking and partying with friends, just in time for the summer-lovin’ season. This is a tune that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Taylor Swift album, or a coming-of-age teen flick soundtrack. With the odd pumping guitar riff here and there being the only remnants of the bands old sound, the track makes use of main-stream style synth and anthem like choruses, even drenching their middle-eight guitar solo in electronic effects. The boys seem to be joining the ranks of modern guy-groups like 5 Seconds of Summer in attempts to revive the pop side of punk, that was first introduced by popstar pioneers of this upbeat genre such as McFly and Busted years before them.

Catch Simple Plan live in August and the Reading and Leeds Festivals.

Have a listen to Simple Plan’s new track “Saturday” for yourself, it’s very different. You’ll see what we mean.