CmX’s new track “No Surrender”, as the title suggests, is a declaration of the rapper’s determination to overcome the challenges involved in becoming a success within the music industry.

On the track CmX voices his frustration towards the internet trolls who often dominate the message boards of any new music video and the equally culpable, gullible targets of the music industry’s gaudy PR tactics as evinced (according to CmX) through the popularity of Miley Cirus.

CmX calls out these critics, hiding behind their laptops, and bemoans the internal politics of the music industry that so often prevents new talent from being promoted. His lyrics are solid, sincere and free from any of the standard hip-hop clichés which often render tracks like this boring and repetitive.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the proliferation of hip-hop posturing that takes place in the video; the sight of a pasty-white, ginger Irishman decked out in typical rude-boy regalia and projecting the type of gansta’ gestures which typify most rap videos will always induce a slight cringe.

But this is only a small criticism. On the track, CmX delivers his well-written lyrics over a catchy, mellow reggae-inflected guitar riff played by Dublin guitarist Brendan McCaffrey, with the simple drum-machine and tinkling keyboard parts lending this piece a distinctly old-school hip-hop feel. The minimalist nature of the music succeeds in pushing CmX’s impressive lyrics to the forefront of the tune.

Overall I think CmX has produced an eminently listenable low-key hip-hop track that will hopefully award him with the recognition he is looking for.