“Underage Disco” were formed about a year and a half ago. Their line up consists of Bruce Cameron on lead vocals, Kieran Murray on guitar, Liam Will on bass and Liam Legge (also known as Tony)  on drums. They released their first EP on June 7th 2014 and since then they have developed their sound. Their new single named Ryan’s Head is what I am writing about today.

I listened to this track over and over, each time gaining a new piece of information. I will admit that at first I wasn’t entirely fond of it, but it grew on me after two or three listens and now I can’t stop singing the chorus. As they say themselves, they have created music with elements of rock and mainstream pop. This song is very catchy but also heavy at times.

The song kicks off with an awesome guitar line. You can’t help but feel the rhythm and bop along to it. While the drums steady beat drive the beat even further home, making it impossible not to move to the beat. The bass is playing a simple, but very important line. The song would feel empty without it. The vocal melody was undeniably catchy and as I said I can’t stop singing the chorus. My favourite part of the song was without a doubt the bridge… Well at least that’s what I would call it, the bridge. The song breaks down to just vocals, and sounds like a choir, which gives the song a really cool element that is unforgettable. If I were to have one negative thing to say, it’s just that I think the song needs more harmonies. As far as I could tell the bridge was the only part with harmonies, I would have enjoyed some more during the chorus.

Overall I enjoyed this single. While it may not be my favourite genre, I found it impossible not to tap along and get into the groove of the song. I think this band, Underage Disco, have their own unique style. Yet they manage to use elements of mainstream music too. I think they could slowly but surely be bridging the gap between rock and pop. I would recommend this song to anyone, no matter what you listen to, because you’re going to enjoy it. I’m going to give this track three out of five stars. Not because I thought it was bad, I really enjoyed this track. I just feel that these guys have a great style and that they are going to continue to develop and create even better songs in years to come!