Scandinavia has been responsible for some truly fantastic pop acts down through the years with bands such as the Cardigans and A-ha making wonderful little musical gems that have gone on to became truly mammoth hits.

Skilla’s new single ‘Soon I’ll Dance’ is a worthy edition to that pop music archive but they never quite reach the majesty of their Swedish contemporaries like the Cardigans. The lead singer of Skilla, Nina Christensen says that this song is ‘a straight forward plea to one’s own persistent and restless heart. A caring but serious talk to oneself’

While I appreciate the honesty of these words, it still feels that something is missing to take it to a different level. A different hook, beat or break present that could lift it out of the ordinary and to a whole different level. The level where it retains it’s place in one’s memory and you find yourself lying in bed and humming it at 3am whilst trying and failing to fall asleep like I did when I first heard Nina Persson and her band mates in the Cardigans. That is a worthy level to be aiming for but I believe that it is very much in Skilla’s eyeline now and they must do their very best to achieve this step up in quality.

Lots of potential.

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