Skittish Itz are a pop punk band that hails from Boise and though they advocate a high tempo energetic mix of youth and commendable musicianship they unfortunately fall into the chasm of pedestrian entertainment never truly realising their potential. Since coming into the media attention in 2006 they consistently display a theme which encompasses the mortality we all must face, life is for living and that it must never be taken seriously. This is both their greatest strength and weakness. While they maintain a strong, engaging and convincing criticism of maturity one can only wish and welcome they tackle another topic.

Self-described as cake punk we can understand that they desire music not be taken seriously. A clear inclination to develop a carefree and fun atmosphere is certain in their work. Yet we have heard all this before and while fans appreciate the sentiment newcomers will feel only a slight interest before moving on.

The Intro beings like a traditional American Gameshow beginning the game of mediocrity and banality that life seems to follow; it displays an intriguing opening which captures the listener’s imagination.

Afterwards we are greeted with the thrilling guitar that begins Start The Game which accompanies Rekn Russ vocals where I must applaud his clever lyrics mixing recognisable clichés and genuinely pleasant observations following in the footsteps of traditional adulthood. The music overall is suitable for the genre the band convey but nothing to surpass their influences such as NOFX, Less Than Jake and The Vandals.

You Could’ve Been is a simplistic criticism of once again following the norm and while the singer appears sincere in his defamation he makes no proposal of an alternative however the music is of course upbeat to counter this. Naturally to keep in commitment with the notion we should never take trials and tribulations seriously it can always be worse.

Terminated is by far the most accomplished piece on this LP. It showcases all the band members talents coming together to create something thumping and wonderful. Concluding with an outro that surmises the essential theme that while all appears to be going according to plan; suddenly what was great can become terrible and end abruptly.

1 – 4 – 5 conveys the pattern that is systematic of the testament encasing “punk rock procrastination” three simple chords to create a song, a memorable one at that but which features no depth. 1 – 4 – 5 is a tremendously fun, captivating and condemnation satire of such a playing style but also a tribute that endears to an appropriate eulogy.

Nothing Like The Box conjures up the failed exploits and disappointments we come across throughout life. A sure critique ranging from commercial purchases to personal life choices when the decision we ultimately make is revealed to be the opposite of what we expected and this epiphany upon dawning before us leads to a bitter frustration as if we are conditioned to accept it.

Scared Again is a melancholic acoustic driven piece once again portraying the difficulties maturity brings and how such an event is impossible to avoid. The lyrics also pinpoint an insightful analysis that one cannot but admire and respect due to observation that seem so natural in modern life yet go unprovoked.

Skittish iTZ new EP Start The Game is a delightful and spirited attempt on questioning the purpose of maturity and the conditioning we face from what is expected of us. However, while the lyrics are meaningful and the quality of music set to a high standard I cannot help but feel that the band as a whole have so much more potential to progress further with a little more push. I recommend this EP to fans who will of course enjoy a great display from an entertaining group. While unfortunately newcomers may find some songs engaging I can only imagine them becoming discouraged from further listening due to the absence of innovation and lacking an alternative message to consistently remain fresh throughout.