Sleep Inertia: Debut EP Review

Sleep Inertia: Debut EP Review

Formed in late 2013, Sleep Inertia emerged from the English metalcore band, The Dead Lay Waiting. The Dead Lay Waiting, were an extremely renowned group in their own right, releasing two albums, touring extensively nationally and internationally and picking up numerous award nominations. Fast forward to the present day, and their debut 5 track EP “Growth, Decay, Transformation” is due for release on March 20th.

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty of the EP here; I will admit from the outset that heavy metal music, and the extensive sub-genres which it encompasses are certainly something I would never listen to out of choice. I know there are many audiences who would agree, but saying that, this EP is certainly a fresh and refreshing experience for me. The quality of the musicianship and ability of the instrumentalists is beyond question here. Tom Shrimpton on drums, produces some excellent fills, riffs and the speed with which he can attack the bass drum is simply astonishing. I must also take the opportunity to mention the band members who feature as ‘backing’ vocalists, in my opinion they add immeasurable value to the tracks on which they feature, notably ‘Dark Passenger’.

Overall the auditory spectrum created by the band is great, the tracks are well written, and a great combination of full on the vocal growls and screams, to really interesting harmonies and accompaniments.

In my opinion I will never become fully accustomed to the ‘shouting’ as I call it, which is apparently what fulfils the role of lead vocals in a lot of metal bands. Here though with some actual singing interspersed as little pockets of joy throughout the tracks it makes for a tolerant listen. I would recommend this to those that are curious about this genre, its variety and inclusion of many ‘popular’ elements makes it a good bridge for those who may not yet be comfortable with the wall of sound that many metal bands can create.

While I can not say I was excited by this EP, there is a lot to be said for the individual musicians who make up Sleep Inertia. Certainly musicians of extremely high quality.