Writing your first theatre production is hard, especially when it’s horror. Recreating a pre-existing character that already has a large body of work based on it (not a lot of it good) is harder. Self-funding and starring in the play on top of everything is worthy of recognition!

Such is the nature of Slender, the new play by Shane O’Regan, centred around the Slender Man, a creature that crawled out of the underbelly of the internet in 09’ and has refused to grant anyone a peaceful night’s sleep since.

Starring Stephen O’Leary, Hilary Bowen-Walsh, and Regan himself, the debut from Reality:Check productions blends contemporary urban myth with conventional horror tropes to create something both drama and terror. The play introduces us to Alex & Rachael, a pair of lovebird hikers lost in the woods, who stumble upon the secluded cabin of obsessed horror writer turned fanatical hermit, Fiachra. Stranded for the night in his *ahem* hospitality, the trust and sanity of the trio begins to unravel, amidst a backdrop of demented wall scribblings, real-life murders, and spiralling acts of instability and violence. All under the faceless stare of the Slender Man.

“I didn’t sleep for three nights at one stage” Regan half-jokingly admits when describing his experience in writing the play; “You can’t help but react to it.” Asked about the future plans of Reality:Check productions, Regan is quick to drop hints at a planned invisible theatre, scheduled to spontaneously appear somewhere in the streets of Dublin in the near future.

Slender is premiering at the Theatre Upstairs on the 24th February and running until the 7th of March.