Slim Loris are a Swedish indie rock quartet consisting of Mattias Cederstam on vocals and bass, Robert Barrefelt and Leon Lindstrom on guitars and Jonas Ellenberg on drums. In 2011, they released their debut album, Down to Earth. While in 2013, they released the follow up Future Echoes and Past Replays and toured extensively, including a performance at the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool. They released their newest album Love and Fear on May 19th.

“Never Danced Sober” is the opening track. It’s a folky number and the verses sound like Bon Iver, but it has a chorus that wouldn’t sound out of place on a 60’s pop song. It’s an interesting and unique sound.

Tracks like “Sparkling Sun” and “Down” have a rockier feel. Once again, there’s a definite influence from retro rockers such as The Beatles and The Kinks though Slim Loris have managed to make things sound modern by adding in hooky riffs and overdriven guitars.

Songs such as “Kings and Queens” and “Violet Haze” keep a much more indie folk sound. It’s great to hear the band are able to put their own spin on each of these sounds, having them both coexist on the album.

All in all, Slim Loris are a band who have managed to take their influences and create something refreshing and interesting. Whether you’re a fan of 60’s pop or indie folk, these guys have something that will interest you.

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