The story of British rock brigade Slydigs started in a schoolyard in the English north-west when four childhood friends named Louis, Pete, Ben and Dean decided to try their hands at making music together. Influenced by the likes of The Clash, The Doors, The Stones and Oasis, the tenacious quartet quickly cultivated a fervent fan-base in the UK and have since served as support to some of the genre’s most revered acts, including Catfish and The Bottlemen, Pete Doherty and The Who. Now they’re getting ready to hit the road again to promote their peppy new EP, How Animal Are You?

The invigorating twenty minute offering opens with the irresistibly rousing riffs and wonderfully raw singing of its electrifying eponymous anthem. The rhythm remains riveting as the whole thing races rapidly towards the comparatively peaceful introduction of “The Truth Will Be Found”. An assortment of enticingly stirring stanzas and enthrallingly chilled-out choruses follows from here before “Give it Up Brother” steals the spotlight with its spirited guitars and uproarious vocals.

This is succeeded by the distinctly solemn “To Catch A Fading Light”, the emotional music and resonant refrain of which provide a powerful preface to the tremendously thunderous “Suburban Confinement”. Things take a touching turn again then as “The Kids Feel Underrated” swoops in to supply the record with a relatively restrained yet remarkably moving swansong.

Slydigs have spawned a selection of superbly exhilarating rock ‘n’ roll songs here that are full of feeling and fervour. The fantastically heartfelt execution of each tune combined with the EP’s altogether energising old-school sound should succeed in satisfying rocks enthusiasts of all ages. You can investigate How Animal Are You? for yourself on iTunes now.

Slydigs: How Animal Are You? EP review

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