Fresh faced Irish rockers Small Town Crisis have been causing quite a stir on the music scene as of late. Having scored a top three hit on iTunes in the spring, they managed to secure themselves a nomination in the best newcomer category for this year’s Pure M Awards, as well as stage time at a number of high-profile upcoming events, including the world famous Rose of Tralee Festival on August 18th. Most recently though, they exploded back into the charts with their energetic inaugural EP, Darkheart.

It gets going with the invigorating guitars of “Fear My Odds”, which dance defiantly in the direction of an onslaught of superbly spirited singing. The mood remains rebellious through to the clamorous conclusion, making for a fantastically forceful affair ahead of the disaffected riffs that introduce the title track. Pounding percussion is soon thrown into the mix, increasing the intensity of the instrumentation on the way to attitude-infused refrain of the stanza. A heavy chorus bridges the gap from here to the next bracing verse before a barrage of biting riffs burst in to set the scene for a heartfelt finale.

“Acoustic Song” serves as a departure from its rambunctious predecessors, showcasing a sombre serenade atop affecting guitars and gentle drumming. The atmosphere stays stirring across a collection of sobering stanzas and characterful choruses, giving rise to a wonderfully rousing ballad that enthrals throughout. “Sick of It” storms off upon pressing riffs and vigorous vocals afterwards. Its cadence keeps quick as it charges thunderously towards its thrilling terminus, ensuring the record ends as enthusiastically as it opened.

Small Town Crisis have composed an incredibly compelling combination of pop, rock and punk that packs a powerful punch. The adept execution and remarkably melodic style of each song bode very well for the future of this fledgling fivesome. Be sure to check Darkheart out for yourself on iTunes now.

Small Town Crisis
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