Following the success of Fargo on Netflix, it didn’t take long for the powers that be over at Sony to skim through their back catalogue looking for a potential smash hit and it seems as though they have found one in the form of Guy Ritchie’s Snatch. No director, script or actors have yet been linked to the upcoming series, but it will premiere on Sony’s online channel Crackle.

Snatch the series will follow in Fargo’s footsteps, by being based in the same world as Ritchie’s original, but will instead focus on original characters and locations. The new series will also be inspired by the real-life story of a major gold bullion heist in London, which will see twenty bumbling hustlers stumble across the find of lifetime only to wind up in the depths of the criminal underworld. The would-be gangsters soon find themselves dealing with legit mobsters, shady locals and corrupt cops.

However, fans shouldn’t get their hopes up at potentially seeing cameos by the original cast any time soon, as the spin off will most definitely be it’s own unique thing as even Guy Ritchie’s name isn’t attached to it. Apart from that, the project remains a mystery. How, when and where it might broadcast on this side of the Atlantic is also up in the air as the Irish/UK arm of Crackle shut its doors some time ago.


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