As the day draws to a close and the static hum of a white noise that buzzes through this frosted city fades to a pacifying silence, I settle at my laptop, tea in hand to cleanse my senses in music.

I’m in the mood for some SOAK an up-and-coming outstanding artist whose talent and insight far exceeds her 18 years.

Bridie Monds-Watson is the voice behind one of the most captivating EP’S I’ve listened to. Sea Creatures, a single following B a Nobody is the first official release from her debut album produced with Villagers’ Tommy McLoughlin which is due to be available for purchase later this year.

Sea Creatures is a truly decadent piece of music. Bridie Mond-Watson’s slight and delicate vocals dance over a caressed acoustic guitar and sombre piano.

Her voice is light and wafts through my headphones and I’m immediately slipping out of one world and into another more romanticised and luxurious one.

“You don’t know what love is.” “I don’t get this town, neither do you, we should run away.”

She channels a more indulgent and broody Lisa Hannigan with an easy tempo that brings all outside thoughts to a halt.

The singer-song writer and part-time skater earned her place on BBC Radio 1 list, In New Music We Trust and has been nominated for the BBC Sound of 2015 poll.

With a mood and atmosphere comparable to Damian Rice, Sea Creatures seems to send time swirling into obscurity for a few meditative moments.

Her music videos are modest and shot in black and white in real towns with real people, further enforcing her rawness and vulnerability as each note is obviously pulled directly from the core.

SOAK’s sound is careful and inviting. B a Nobody had the same stand-still affect for me and Sea Creatures is a wonderful follow-up as the track boasts more intensity and authenticity.

This is an artist whom I think will be sending the same shock waves across the globe as Ed Sheeran once her album is dropped.

She is not only the ‘one to watch’ but the one to marvel at. I sense it won’t be long until this lady will be soothing the hearts and minds of those universally experiencing uncertainty about who they are and what this thing called life is really all about.

Sea Creatures is available for online download now.