South African rockers The SoapGirls started out singing on the streets of Cape Town as teens until a major label took notice and offered them the opportunity to write and record professionally in 2007. Since then, they’ve toured the world over and topped the charts at home with songs such as “Sour”, “Champagne Cocaine” and “Hater”.

Now they’re back with a brand new single named “Bad Bitch”. Written in the wake of an onstage assault at a show in Hastings, it represents the duo’s frustration at being unable to retaliate at the time and their unwillingness to put up with any kind of unprovoked attack ever again.

It opens as a shrill shriek cries out across a display of penetrating riffs, establishing a wonderfully unruly atmosphere ahead of the fast and effective first verse. This is followed by a fantastically fierce chorus featuring a fractious refrain atop trenchant instrumentation.

The vibe remains vigorous going into the next incisive stanza as obstinate singing entices amid more imposing music. An exhibition of intense guitars and percussion takes over to thrill towards the end of the third minute, ringing out rousingly before an absorbing breakdown bridges the gap to an incredibly commanding climactic chorus which puts a powerful cap on the proceedings.

“Bad Bitch” is a brilliantly boisterous hard rock belter by The SoapGirls that’s loaded with life and vitality. Its awesomely authoritative vocals and captivatingly cutting instrumentation are guaranteed to go down well with genre enthusiasts everywhere. You can have a listen for yourself on Bandcamp now.

The SoapGirls
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