The southern fold is a calm folk music project based in Kilkenny and Dublin whom have a brand new EP released in late April under the name of A True Ascension from the Wayward Path.

The EP starts with ‘Death Country’, a more than typical traditional folk ballad that bring notes of Deep Elm, early Vetiver and some of The tallest Man of Earth (minus the weird vocals). It will set the pace for the whole EP: nice and comfortable ballads, not too much compromised, just enjoyable (and isn’t that enough sometimes?).
The lyrics in this song are beautifully harmonised and combined, bringing some sort of mystery but without entering in metaphors or too much adjectivisation.

‘Romance in Morphine’ is  benefited by the introduction of the piano (played by Frieda Freytag, in charge of the cello as well), the whole song has a Beatles vibe (White Album era), a romantic song in the edge of being too much…but ending being enough, a pleasant track.

‘Brand New Day’ brings a much more protagonist guitar, is the least instrumented track on the album and yet probably the one that works best: nice combination of vocals, interesting lyrics and simple melodies (but a few tempos up than the rest) gives the song power and truthfulness.

‘Home from the war’, laments over the difficulties of changing the past, how everything has changed, and the desire to be home after war is over. The song is in the same vibe as ‘Romance in Morphine’. Laura Hand vocals make the song pleasant and the repetitive chords on the guitar conform some kind of quiet and comfortable mattress of sound.  Nonetheless, it is probably the least interesting track on the EP.
The EP continues with ‘Not On My Side’, the background cello and the rain falling at the end helps to paint a more intimate picture, not hard to imagine the band playing surrounding you, next to the fire, and the rain and mud outside.

‘Where did you sleep last night’, the traditional Appalachian song made popular by Lead Belly, but furthermore by Loretta Lynn and Nirvana is presented here quite similar to the Nirvana one but adding the dialogue between the female and male vocals and combining them during the instrumental interludes. This makes the song work quite well and the ending with the cello is a nice farewell being this the last track of the EP.

The band will be presenting their EP at Brewery Corner, this friday July 15th, in Kilkenny.

Guadalupe Martinez Ferretti

The Southern Fold - A True Ascension from the Wayward Path
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