It’s rare that a song makes me literally stop everything I’m doing and listen. That was the case when a friend sent me a song by rising artist Juke Ross. ‘Colour Me’ is a song of transcending beauty, literally it transcended me to another place.

Ross hails from the beautiful South American country of Guyana, released the stunning track, “Colour Me.” last year and I have been listening to it ever since. The track is simple, just Juke and his acoustic guitar, with a little piano and percussion too. But that’s all you need, his brilliant musicianship shines through along with a unique raw emotion in his voice that you don’t hear everyday. It’s a love song that pulls at all of the heart strings and left me almost holding back tears on my first listen. Even after multiple plays I still stop what I’m doing and enjoy the moment Juke created lasting three and half minutes.

I’m keeping a close eye on Juke and am definitely holding out for more music. It’s fair to say that if he debuted with this, the sky is the limit with where he can take us. In the meantime check out ‘Colour me’ now!


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