Alan Maguire

Spotlight on Alan Maguire

Alan Maguire is a Dublin based musician who usually prefers to focus on exercising his guitar skills. He has been included in the line-ups of many different bands over the years, but as of late he’s been favouring working on his own solo material. He’s of the opinion that his most interesting characteristic is simply that he makes music, which should emphasize how passionate he is about his craft.

While his Soundcloud page features an extensive back catalogue of creations, Maguire has recently selected two tracks in particular to take the spotlight. The first of these, “Civil Twilight”, he describes as being ideal for “moody late night listening”. It commences with a dark and foreboding riff that develops slowly, somehow conjuring up the image of a late evening landscape, making the title and description seem very appropriate. A steady drum beat begins about two minutes in, setting an enthralling pace while the guitars continue to emit an ominous ambience.

Scratches and an organ effect give the piece an extra layer of character as occasional electronic elements keep things quirky. There even seems to be subtle hints of jazz buried within the smooth execution, despite the whole thing maintaining a Gothic kind of feel. It’s a laid back and atmospheric piece with which it is easy to chill out.

The second offering, “The Tyranny of Meaning”, takes off through resonant synths that establish an air of urgency ahead of a fast and frantic beat. A riveting riff arrives to add emphasis to the seriousness of the proceedings, creating the feeling that danger is afoot. Its sound is simultaneously light and pressing, being not unlike the score for a tense cinematic action sequence. Remaining eventful and exciting for its duration, it’s a thrilling composition in its entirety.

Both of the above pieces are full of personality and expression. They’re easy on the ears and relaxing, while also being invigorating and engaging, ultimately making for an enjoyable listening experience.