You may not have heard of The Oshy Annas but you’re about to. They’re a three-part indie band hailing from Brooklyn, New York by way of the famous rocky shoals of New Hampshire.The three members (Ali, Carla, & Chloe) grew up working and singing together before moving to the city of dreams. There they formally joined forces as a band and started working on their EP. Today, their powerful harmonies, folky instrumentation, and lyrical narrative trace a path from that rocky coastline they call home, to the grit and dirt of New York City.

The threesome released their debut EP ‘Howl’ recently and we’ve had it on repeat ever since. The three songs are soaked in talent and bursting with pure musicianship. ‘Howl’ finds a way to remain honest, simple and also real. With vocals that blend perfectly and harmonies that portray emotions not on the radio today, the group are paving their own way.

The trio are influenced by artists such as The Staves, The Brandi Carlile Band, The Wailin’ Jenny’s, and First Aid Kit. All of whom The Oshy Annas perceive as being part of a movement to revive the role of barefaced sincerity in contemporary songwriting and performance.

Check out ‘Howl’ now:

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